Turtle Pads

Turtle Pads - Turtle Shell (Pre-order)

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This is a pre-order, expect to receive this product in October*

*Date is tentative to change due to current shipping circumstances and will be updated accordingly.

Product Description:

The Turtle Pad is a drawstring bag with a built on drum pad. The bag is made from a durable polyester material that is water-resistant and sweat-resistant. The bag also includes a main pocket that can be cinched closed, as well as a small zipper pocket at the top and a larger zipper pocket in the middle. The drum pad attached is a natural gum rubber meant to simulate the rebound of a real high tension marching snare, while offering a quieter alternative.

Product Info:

- Drawstring bag  sized: W 14 1/4 " x H 17 7/8 "

- Pad is an 8" diameter, 3/16" thickness natural gum rubber

- Product weight is approximately 2 lbs