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Are there any other colors offered?

Currently, the colors available are all that is offered but we are in the works designing new and exciting patterns!


Won’t you have to pull all your stuff out of the bag to drum on it?

We've tried multiple methods of playing on the pad with various things inside the bag such as extra clothes, binders, wallet, keys, drum keys, hearing protection, and even an extra pair of sticks. None were found to cause a change in performance, and if anything the extra clothes allowed us to make-shift a small tilt.

The string on my Turtle Pad is too long and it hangs too low.

Correct! We opted for a longer length of string in order for the Turtle Pad to hang comfortably on anyone. To fit the drawstring better to your height, untie the simple knot on the strings and cut off a little bit of the ends to shorten the string. Retie the drawstring, and it will be shorter! Cut off as much as you like to find the length that suits you best with the Turtle Pad.

When will I receive my pad?

As many of our pads are made to order and we can have a sudden influx of orders, the production and shipping of some pads can vary. Please allow up to 10 business days to see shipping updates for your order.

How do I make my contribution for the turtles?

We do it for you! Each quarter we assess how many pads were purchased and make a donation to the SEE Turtles conservation organization. 

How did you come up with the name Turtle Pads?

We have something of a unique product, and one of that unique products main functions is a backpack. As such, it can sit on your back. When the Turtle Pad is on your back, it can look like something of a shell with the playing surface of the drum pad acting as the harder turtle shell surface.

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Galapagos Pad - Blue Shell
Someone purchased a 7 minutes ago from New York, NY
Galapagos Pad - Brown Shell
Someone purchased a 6 minutes ago from Miami, FL
Turtle Pad - Turtle Shell Green
Someone purchased a 2 minutes ago from New York, NY
Turtle Pad - Foot Clan Black
Someone purchased a 16 minutes ago from Huntington Beach, CA
Galapagos Pad Signature Series - Sifu Pad
Someone purchased a 9 minutes ago from Detroit, MI
Turtle Pad - Donatello Purple
Someone purchased a 4 minutes ago from Saginaw,MI
Turtle Pad - Raphael Red
Someone purchased a 4 minutes ago from Indianapolis, IN
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